Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In the time we have...

I have, for the better part of a week, had the lyrics to the song "On Your Wings" by Iron and Wine stuck inside of me. They make me think about the things that lead me farther from Him, away from his flame, away from the light that should guide my path. It also makes me think about the short time I have, and how I should spend it, and how I make the most of it...

"God, there is gold hidden deep in the ground
God, there's a hangman that wants to come around

How we rise when we're born
like the ravens in the corn
on their wings, on our knees
crawling careless from the sea

God, give us love in the time that we have

God, there are guns growing out of our bones
God, every road takes us farther from home

All these men that you made
how we wither in the shade
of your trees, on your wings
we are carried to the sea

God give us love in the time that we have"

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