Monday, December 18, 2006

Politics of Joy. . .

Sorry about the little lay-off. Either nothing exciting has been happening, or there has been some really private stuff, that has stayed in my physical journal. Probably both.

Anyway, here's a thought that impacted me today. Brian McLaren (a guy that I may not always agree with) has an excellent post on the impact some words from popular christmas carols have had on him.

"...when I sang "let every heart prepare him room." If the carol is right, the way earth receives God's "prince of peace" is through individual hearts like ours. By making space, by opening our hearts to Christ, by letting our lives be the stable and manger into which good news quietly comes, by rendering the vacuum and vacancy within us vulnerable to the incoming of the Spirit ... we become, like Mary, "theotokos" - God-bearers."

"The way "earth receives her king" (and the blessings he brings) is not by bombs and guns and wiretaps and coups; not by aggressive blog postings or passionate media pronouncements by pundits. Rather, the king (and the kingdom) come first to the quiet hearts of humble people who "prepare him room," and the joy flows to the world through them."

Here's a link to the entire post - God's Politics: Brian McLaren

Great thoughts, that hit me, I hope you will carry them with you as well.

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