Saturday, November 04, 2006

Y.S. Convention - Anaheim #1

So much for being a frequent blogger at Y.S.
I decided to detach and leave my laptop at home and focus on relaxing, focusing, and growing. So if that makes me a slacker, so be it... So I am grabbing some time in the Digital Lounge, here for a moment. Doing a quick update.

Thoughts so far:

- God keeps hammering this idea of humility and grace into my thick skull. One of my favorite quotes from Matthew Barnett of The Dreamcenter in downtown L.A. "Seek the welfare of the people". In my case, the students.

- One thing I particularly like about Y.S. is their ability to encourage me to be who I am, find my uniqueness and operate from there, but at the same time, to challenge me to be more of the person that God created me to be.

- I also love that the leaders of Y.S. (Marko, Tic, etc...) lead by being real. They're trasparent to us...

Great things:

- Why does Crowder kill me with the worship sets? It seems that I've done more crying and heart searching when I should be shouting and singing. Could it be that this is the true purpose of worship?>

- I love my staff team. I enjoy being with them. They've let me be myself, they've let me relax and have fun. I truly enjoy them.

Well there's a line, and I want to be polite. More later...


Jody said...

How awesome that the people you look to for guidance are willing to be transparent. That is a truly valuable trait in leaders.

joshua.michael said...

Good stuff Kerry! Thanks for posting!