Sunday, November 05, 2006

Y.S. Convention - Anaheim #2

In terms of humility, Shane Claiborne has been the epitome of it here at the conference. By far the most self-giving and challenging person that I have met in quite awhile. Not to brag on him or about him, but this is a man that so believes in giving away (not some but all) of what God has given him. He took the money paid by Y.S. to speak, prayed over it, and then just gave it away... He laid it all out in one dollar bills and gave it to everyone who would come take one, with just one stipulation... Use it to love someone. Sponsor a child, use it to buy a meal, whatever. I went up, just crushed in the way God used Shane, and his life, to break/mold/sculpt, my life to reflect more of Himself.

What am I doing with my dollar? Im keeping it... Yup it's all mine. I have it in the front window of my wallet, with the word Love in big black letters staring back at me. Challenging me, mocking my wasteful habits of spending on needless and worthless things. I pray that God uses that dollar, the sign of America's wealth and greed, to break my heart when I buy garbage. May that dollar be a constant burning reminder of Shane, his challenge, his life, but even more may it constantly drive me to give more and more of myself away in an effort to gain more and more of Christ.

So for those of you that are there, let's use this space as a place to share...

"What are you doing with your dollar?"


Jody said...

That's really powerful. I am really touched by that. I think, If you don't mind, I would like to share that with our church. We talked today about righteousness, and living water, and the question was asked: What are you doing with His living water?
Man. I'm so touched.

Kerry said...

It was pretty amazing. Please share, but know that God is breaking and molding as he uses this same situation. Expect God to be dangerously breaking people...


Andrew Seely said...

I gave mine to a musican friend who I ran into at Downtown Disney after I bought a couple of his CD's.

But I think I'll still give a dollar to which is where i wanted to give it anyways. And in a weird concidence I know the executive director from college.